Corona Virus - Covid 19

During the current corona virus pandemic I will be adopting the Guidelines for Funeral Celebrants published by The Funeral Celebrancy Council.

This guidance recognises the central importance of continuing to provide celebrants to officiate at funerals and to provide bereaved families with a supportive and quality service at their time of grief.

However, it also reflects Government expectations that face to face meetings should be avoided prior to the funeral and social distancing should be applied at the funeral.

To that end I shall be adopting the following procedures whilst the Covid-19 pandemic persists.

Family interviews to discuss the ceremony will be conducted via telephone, teleconference or video call - whichever the family prefers.

Digital video and/or audio recordings will be available for all ceremonies for distribution by families to those not able to attend.

If families would like an order of service but the minimum print run makes it too expensive I can provide 10 free copies of an OOS printed on 120 gsm paper to your design. 

Where the technology exists live streaming and webcasting of ceremonies will be undertaken.

I regret I will not be able to offer any physical contact (handshakes) etc. at any point prior, during, or after the funeral.

I will be happy to assist families in putting together a memorial ceremony for their loved one to be conducted when the current situation has been resolved.