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In addition to funeral ceremonies I am also available to help you create and deliver the following:

Memorial ceremonies


A memorial ceremony, held a few weeks after the funeral,  can be a good way to properly celebrate the life lived when the rawness of their death has dissipated a little bit. It can give everyone who knew the loved one a chance to say goodbye and, with no time restrictions, a memorial ceremony can include as much and as varied content as you would wish to ensure your loved one's life is remembered and celebrated.


I can help you create a special memorial ceremony and deliver it at your chosen location.

Ashes scattering and interment ceremonies


The scattering or interment of a loved one's ashes can be an opportunity for the family and close friends to gather for one final chance to say goodbye.


I can help you prepare the ceremony and deliver it at your chosen location.


Eulogy writing service


If you wish to deliver the eulogy for your loved one yourself, but find writing a suitable tribute a difficult task to undertake, I can help you prepare the text and give you some advice on how to deliver it on the day.


Pre-funeral ceremony planning


Many people these days are making more than just financial preparations for their funeral, they are also preparing the actual funeral ceremony they want delivered in advance so that it is understood by the people that will be responsible for organising the ceremony when the person is gone.

I can help you create a special funeral ceremony that you can store safely until it is needed.

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